Individual Donors

Diamond Level

Charles and Ann Arensmeier
Troy and Jill Bancroft
Chad and Marguerite Bellville
Ralph and Carol Chrisinske
William and Norine Cunningham
John and Barbara Dilland
Jeffrey and Kimberly Leipprandt
Kirk and Katha Heinze
Martha Meaders
Henry Reinart
Shelly Schell
James and Vickie Schiller
Mark Sellers and Carrie Chrisinske Sellers
Randy and Patrcia Showerman
Robert and Sally Wiles


Gold Level

Alan Alaga
Kevin Ball and Molly Avis-Ball
Dallas and Carolyn Birchmeier
Jeffrey and Jacklyn Brazo
Ronald and Harriet Converse
Matt and Michele Davis
Rob and Karla Fleming
Willard and Carolyn Fowler
Gabriel Holdwick
David and Judy Meyering
Donald and Helen Morse
Chuck Norman
Timothy and Melissa Rogers
Charles and Karen Scovill
Victor and Tammera Verchereau
Frederick and Annette Whims


Silver Level

Peter and Mary Alexander
Robert and Monica Craig
Harold and Patricia Elenbaas
Kurt and Ann Fisher
Hubert Fisk
Royce and Kaela Humm
Kirk Laman
Randy and Denise Markley
Marjorie Martindale
Leroy and Stephanie Schafer
Kenneth and Diana Timmerman
Carroll and Marlene Wamhoff
David and Irene Wyrick


Bronze Level

David and Debra Armbruster
Howard and Vivian Ballein
Nicole Banner
Paul and Marie Bernthal
Anthony and Nadene Berthiaume
Thomas and Barbara Blackford
Matthew and Sandra Blight
Michael Gordon and Lisa Bohlen
Kent and Barbara Bollinger
Erin Bosch
Edsel and Linda Brooks
Dale and Jean Brose
Conan and Sheila Burkhardt
Raymond and Merry Clark
Lura Coleman
Charles and Beverly Courtade
Joyce Daglow
Donald and Phyllis Dickinson
Connor Ewald
Kurt Ewald
Tate and Mina Forbush
Richard and Joyce Groenink
Alfred and Marsha Harwood
Larry and Ellen Haywood
Gerald and Diane Heck
Marc and Denise Hettig
David and Sharon Howell
Jeff Baker and Sue Hull Baker
Dennis and Tamara Hyatt
Dean and Jean Hyde
Ronald and Diane Jelinek
Dale and Gail Johnson
Ellen Kamischke
Ron and Sharon Kiel
Angela King
Michael Kovacic
Roger and Norma Lewis
George and Anne Lightfoot
John and Jean Malcomnson
Brian and Jami Martindale
Brian and Katherine McManus
David Mellor
Edward and Megan Merrill
Lois Miller
Gene and Jean Miller
Vernon and Lida Moore
Gary and Kathie Morgan
Richardand Louella Mosciski
A.E. Mourad
Walter and Carolyn Nelson
Mary Nesman
Nathan and Ann Nye
Kevin and Melinda Oberly
Peter and Anne Ostrowski
James and Chantal Paxton
George and Janice Portice
Mark Potocki and Mary Cox-Potocki
Catherine Proulx
Noel Rahn
Clark and Jo Ellen Reeder
Ronald and Marilyn Richmond
Richard and Linda Ries
Wayne and Wauneta Ritter
Kathy Root
Thomas and Lisa Rossman
Gary and Eiko Seevers
Robert Sharrar and Mary Culik
Comer Skinner
Ronald Stevens
Denise Studders
Alfred and Doris Stuever
John and Clarice Thorlund
Gary and Carolyn Trimner
John and Carol VanHavel
Mark and Janet Varner
Steven and Carolyn Wallenwine
David and Patricia Watson
Kenneth and Anita Weirich
Richard and Nancy Westmoreland
John Wyrick