Gifts of Grain

The Michigan FFA Foundation Gifts of Grain is a program in which grain or other commodity crops are gifted to benefit the Michigan FFA Foundation. By gifting grain to the Foundation, you can maximize your tax benefit while also supporting the Glassbrook FFA Endowment.
Supporting the Glassbrook FFA Endowment is an excellent way to impact the quality of the leadership mission that FFA promotes and develops in its members, now, and for generations to come. It offers a dependable, perpetual source of funding.

Imagine making a contribution that leaves a legacy to the Michigan FFA for generations to come. The Glassbrook FFA Endowment is absolutely essential if we are to remain leaders in agricultural education. It is a great way to link your legacy with the future... forever.

Participating Elevators:
• Carbon Green BioEnergy- https://www.cgbioenergy.com
• Cooperative Elevator- http://www.coopelev.com
• John Marion, Inc.- http://www.jmigrain.com
• Michigan Agriculture Commodities/MAC- http://www.michag.com
• Zeeland Farm Services- http://www.zfsinc.com

How to complete your gift:
1. Let the Michigan FFA Foundation know of your intended gift of grain.
2. Deliver the grain along with a completed contribution form to one of the participating elevators listed above.
3. At delivery, the elevator will transfer the grain gift to the Foundation. Upon transfer, the Foundation assumes the cost of storage, transportation and marketing and bears any risk of loss.
4. The Foundation will receive the sale proceeds. Any sale invoice will name the “Michigan FFA Foundation” as the seller of the grain.
5. Once the gift is processed, the Foundation will provide an acknowledgement letter to the producer to substantiate the gift. Additional documentation will be provided for valuation of the gift.

Click here to download the Gifts of Grain brochure and contribution form.

Please consult your professional advisor for legal and tax advice specific to your situation.